About Alandalus

Alandalus Property Company is a Saudi Joint Stock Company under the Commercial Registration No. 1010224110 dated 17/9/1427 H (corresponding to 10/10/2006) and the Ministerial Decision No. 2509 dated 03/09/1427 H (corresponding to 26/09/2006). Was established as a Saudi closed shareholding company with a capital of two hundred and thirty-eight million nine hundred thousand (238,900,000) Saudi Riyals. Currently the capital is seven hundred million (700,000,000) Saudi Riyals divided into seventy million (70,000,000) ordinary shares. In 2015, 30% of the company's shares were offered for public subscription. The number of shares offered was 21 million ordinary shares with a nominal value of SR 10 per share.

• Alandalus Property is a leading company in the field of investment, development and operation of commercial income-generating properties throughout the Kingdom. The main activity of the company is currently concentrated in:

1- Retail properties including commercial centers and Community shopping centers.

2. Hospitality.